Monday, January 14, 2013

Roll Pack

I had originally had another post written for today but I just had to share a great story that happened Saturday at my alma maters basketball game. North Carolina State University is currently ranked #20 in basketball right now and yesterday we played the #1 ranked school Duke University and believe or not, WE WON. It was such an amazing win and I'm so happy for the team, but I was more impressed with the actions of the team after the game rather during.

A local senior at NCSU was sitting court side at the game, in his wheelchair. Will Privette has been in a wheelchair most of his life due to health issues that resulted in both legs to be amputated. So upon the last few minutes of the game and the results looking like NCSU was going to defeat Duke, the student body president asked Will if he would like to rush the court before anyone else. Of course, being an avid fan Will accepted and they did just that. If you were able to watch the game yesterday, that was Will in his wheelchair! 

Anyways, while it was cool to see him rush the court he didn't realize it was probably super dangerous for him. During all the hustle and bustle Will was knocked over and out of his wheelchair, laying helplessly on the floor trying to protect himself from being stomped on. 

Out of the corner of CJ Leslie (#5, junior forward for the Pack) eyes he saw Will on the ground and immediately took action clearing everyone out of the way so he could pick Will up off the floor. Cradling Will like a baby CJ carried him around the court and celebrated with the rest of the crowd! 

Here is CJ and Will (located in the lower left-hand corner with glasses)
After all the craziness Will is doing just fine and admits it was a pretty stupid move on his part, but he will now be known by everyone across the country as the "man in the wheelchair that rushed the court" 

Here is a youtube video of all the action!!

Last, but not least there are shirts for pre-sale in honor of Will! 
Get one while you can if you are a Wolfpack fan! I know I will be purchasing one!!

So proud of my school!!!


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