Saturday, January 12, 2013

Porkie, the coolest strip of Bacon ever.

For Christmas this year Mason, Adair and I decided to do a mini gift exchange a few days before Christmas and oh my was I so excited with the gifts I received. Especially, Porkie the strip of bacon. 

Now before I unleash the adventures of Porkie, I owe you all an explanation because I know you are probably thinking I'm a little weird right now. 

I love Bacon, like really love it. It seriously makes everything better. Every girls night dinner my friends and I have had I usually end up with something that contains bacon in the recipe. I absolutely love it. So it naturally has become the on-going joke between me and my friends about my love for Bacon. 

So for Christmas, Mason made my gifts a bacon theme. First I opened my awesome new Bacon recipe book: 
Fifty Shades of Bacon and yes it's a totally resembles Fifty Shades of Grey
As a joke, she then gave me a little Bacon strip figurine, who I dubbed "Porkie". 
Here are some adventures that Porkie has been on the past few weeks.

Hanging out at Uniquities
Pooles Diner 

Rum Runners 

Tabacco Road 

The Flying Biscuit

Do you think I'm weird yet? I honestly think I'm pretty hilarious....



  1. Porkie looks like he really likes to party and have a great time :) Maybe next I see him he might be taking a relaxing bath or reading a good book :)
    I am following you from the Aloha hop and would love for you to follow along.

  2. A. Love the book! I hope you do too.... i might have had a hand in it!

    B. Porkie looks awesome, but he has such a devilish smile! Watch out for him.

    - ben