Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making something old, new again.

This past summer I had the privilege and joy of working with one of my great friends Holly (who is a fellow blogger and AMAZING at furniture refurbishing) on a piece of jewelry for her brothers up and coming wedding later on in the summer. The piece of jewelry started with a pair of vintage resin mold earrings that were her grandmothers! They were beautiful earrings but they had clip on backs. Holly put them in my hands and let me have free reign on what I should do with them. 

Here is the finished product! I wish I could find my picture of the necklace, but this will do! As you can see, the necklace is simple yet perfectly matched with Holly's outfit (sorry for cropping the photo Holly!!!). I chose to make the two earrings into pendants for a layering necklace that could be worn long or short like in the picture. 

So recently before Christmas, while watching Holly's two sweet boys Jack and James she brought me some more goodies to have some fun with. 

Like a dummy, I totally forgot to take a before shot. Here are the finished results...

Originally a broach! 

The blue pieces were originally clip on earrings! 

Originally two sweater clips! 

All three use to be clip on earrings, now they have post! 

Originally clip on earrings!! 

Originally clip ons! 

Originally clip ons! 

The buttons at the top use to cuff links and the bottom pair of earrings use to be sweater clips!

Originally clip ons! 

Originally these use to be stones on a bracelet, now earrings 

Cuff links glued and transformed into necklaces! 

The whole lot!!! 

I had SO much fun working on these awesome pieces of jewelry and I can't wait to add this service to my list of jewelry work!!!

Do you have any old pieces of jewelry you wish to revamp? Email me at and we can make it happen!



  1. i love the idea of revamping jewels....the brooch is definitely my favorite piece!
    brooke @ what2wear

    1. Thanks Brooke!! I can't wait to transform more vintage goods!!