Monday, January 21, 2013

Active Workout Gear: Old Navy

As apart of the new me and my new years resolution to be healthy, I decided I needed to grab a few more workout essentials. While I absolutely LOVE Lululemon, being unemployed doesn't allow me to enjoy those luxuaries like I use too! So when Old Navy sent me my daily email about sales, I couldn't help but look at the amazing deals on their workout brand called Active. 

Now while I have gotten some Active brand clothing before, but as of late I am SUPER impressed with their winter gear! I've been on a mission to find a great pair of running tights that fit well and when doing my Old Navy research I stumbled upon blogger Julie who gave an awesome review on Active.  So the next morning, I headed to Old Navy and the rest was history. 

I first went straight to the pants and picked up a pair of Active Compression Leggings 
Priced at $26.94 
 Then I headed to the tops and picked up this beauty! 
Priced slashed down to $9.97! 
 And last, but definitely not least I headed to the workout jackets...
Priced at $22.94 

Not only did I get a great new workout outfit, but I didn't break the bank! I'm definitely going to have to grab another color in the pants as well as the tank! I just can't get enough!

P.S.  Did you know that studies have shown that when you buy cute workout clothes it tends to get you in the mood to workout more? I can definitely agree!

{This is not a sponsored post, all views are mine. Photo credit to Old}

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