Wednesday, January 23, 2013

House Renovation Dreams

Lately I have been pinning like crazy due to my lack of a job, and I decided that I might as well pin some potential ideas for my house renovation. So this week I'm linking up for WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!!!

Here are various things that I have pinned into my secret boards in hopes of making this pin dreams come true in a few months once we move back into our house!!

To maximize space in my bathroom and have clutter free counter tops!

This could definitely go in my bead room for inspiration purposes!

This is a definite must in my kitchen. 

If for some weird reason they are able to salvage my bathtub, I'm definitely thinking about doing my shower curtains like this! 

I'm a sucker for pink

As well as a sucker for chevron!

Absolutely love this idea of painting ceiling medallions for wall art! 

I love everything about this! 

No caption needed...every girl needs this.

I have other ideas in the back of my head and on my secret pin board, but I like to think this is a good start!

Which pin is your favorite?



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