Friday, January 18, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Today I am excited to join a new link-up called the Happies and Crappies from Sarah and Stephanie to tell you about the good and bad things of my week!

The Happies: 
For starters, I got some AMAZING workout gear from Old Navy this week. I have a post queued up for next week so DON'T forget to check it out. Secondly, I'm so happy that I found a new show to obsess over and that is Revenge! Lastly, I'm super happy about my calorie counter Maybook that shipped today! I can't wait to use it!

The Crappies: 
First and foremost, the rain that has been happening in Raleigh, NC this week is really depressing me. Secondly, the job hunt is not going anywhere, thus my bank account is dwindling and lastly my cats are REALLY annoying me at this moment. (haha!)

There you go blog fam! That's my week in a nutshell, give or take a few things! Maybe next week I will double my Happies and Crappies! Until then! 



  1. Hopefully you just double your happies and keep the crappies to a minimum :)

  2. oh no,sorry to hear the job search is not going well (same for me,as a teacher...) hope it improves for you!!

    cute blog you have!

    happy friday!

  3. Girl I love Revenge!!!!! I bought a few work out things from (online) Old Navy and Athleta! Can't wait to get them. I hope you like yours!

    By the way you have word verification turned on which makes it a little difficult to comment. Just thought you should know :)

  4. thanks for joining us this week. we really appreciate it! sorry to hear about the job hunt, though. i hope something turns up soon!