Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bauble Bar

Obviously I love making jewelry, but sometimes I just can't help buying some as well. I few months ago my lovely friend Mason introduced me to Bauble Bar and I've been obsessed ever since!! Ever since then I've seen Bauble Bar flourish on the fashion scene! Lately, the pieces of jewelry that have caught my eye have come from my favorite fashion blogger Blair Eadies collection. I'm super obsessed with her style to begin with, so when she collaborated with Bauble Bar on a collection, I knew I couldn't pass up getting a piece or two! 

Here are pictures of the pieces I decided to buy....

Have you join Bauble Bar yet???  What have you gotten so far? If not, join with the link below and my personal invite code!!!

Invite code: 4143370

~Hugs and Kisses~

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